Fruitful Garden

Celebrating the Bounty of Fall

2021 Summer and Fall Display

Filoli celebrates the gifts of edible, medicinal, and pollinator plants with a vibrant display of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the formal Garden. Through educational signs, displays, and virtual programming, learn how Filoli’s horticulturalists combine a 100-year tradition of food production with modern gardening techniques and artistic design. After you’ve explored the bounty of edible ideas at Filoli, stop at the Clock Tower Shop for vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, seeds, and tools to grow your own fruitful garden.

The Garden is ever-changing and exact bloom times vary based on weather. Visit often- this exhibit will change throughout the season!

Using edibles including purple millet grass, blue leaf cabbage, and rainbow chard, Filoli will demonstrate how to deliciously decorate a garden for both people and pollinators. Passion fruit, eggplants, and beans will dangle from trellises in the Sunken Garden while the dramatic foliage of bulls blood beets and golden pineapple sage blanket the beds underneath. In the Walled Garden, asters, sunflowers, poppies, and fennel will provide a season of nectar and pollen to bees, butterflies, beetles, and birds. 

Fruitful Garden Blog Collection

Fruitful Garden Blog Collection