What’s Blooming

See What's Blooming at Filoli

Filoli's Garden is bursting with the midsummer colors of sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, and snapdragrons. And don't forget to smell the roses!

Exact bloom times fluctuate depending on temperature and weather. Visit often — there is something new every week.

Identify What's Blooming with PlantSnap!

Identify What's Blooming with PlantSnap!

As a member of the American Public Gardens Association, Filoli is an active partner with PlantSnap, a plant identification application for your iPhone or other smart-device. PlantSnap was created with public gardens in mind to help guests discover the plants found within Gardens like Filoli. Filoli’s plants have been uploaded into the application so that when you take a picture with your device, PlantSnap chooses from the list of Filoli inventory to more accurately make an identification. As with other citizen scientist applications, the ability to identify a plant becomes more robust the more it has been identified. Happy plant exploring in the Garden!