Weddings & Private Rentals

The Perfect Location for Any Occasion

The ideal oasis for celebrations, meetings, corporate and team building events for groups from 10 to 2,000, Filoli has something for every clientele. Whether it’s dinner under the stars in the Woodland Garden Court, a VIP affaire with live entertainment in the Ballroom, or a summer birthday party in the pool, Filoli is a one of a kind venue that is sure to leave lasting memories.


Filoli StrokeLine


Capacity: 120 seated at rounds, 145 theater, or 200 standing


Entry Courtyard

Capacity: 220 seated at rounds or 300 standing


Pool Pavilion

Capacity: 120 seated at rounds, 145 theater, or 200 standing


Pool Pavilion Lawn

Capacity: 70 seated or 100 standing


Woodland Garden Court

Capacity: 600 seated at rounds, 1,000 standing


Garden House

Capacity: 24-30 seated or 50 standing


Lecture Hall

Capacity: 150 seated at rounds, 200 theater, or 240 standing

11.06.2019 DRT Red Oak

Dining Room Terrace

Capacity: 80 seated or 150 standing


Upper West Lawn

Capacity: 300 seated or 400 standing

OliviaRichardsPhotography 76 North West Terrace

Lower West Lawn

Capacity: 300 at rounds, 240 on 1 table, or 400 standing.

For internal events use only. Photographer unknown.


Capacity: 60 seated or 90 standing


Cottage Garden

Capacity: 20 seated

Proceeds from Facility Rentals support Filoli’s mission, from the care of the historic House, magnificent Gardens, and vast Nature Preserve, to the events and programs that will keep Filoli culturally relevant for the next 100 years. Thank you!