Private Rentals

The Perfect Location for Any Occasion

The ideal oasis for celebrations, meetings, corporate and team building events for groups from 10 to 1,000, Filoli has something for every clientele. Whether it’s dinner under the stars in the Woodland Garden Court, a meeting in the Meeting Rooms with the ideal outdoor space to decompress, or a summer birthday party in the pool, Filoli is a one of a kind venue that is sure to leave lasting memories.


Holiday Rentals

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Holidays at Filoli season with an exclusive venue for a truly magical party.

CDA Holidays Back Of House (3)

Ballroom Terrace

Simplify your holiday parties with this fabulous newly renovated space at the intersection of a glittering historic Garden, gilded-age mansion, and acres of pristine natural lands.

Jeff Bartee Filoli 7602 (1)

Cottage Patio

Find your secret garden tucked into the tranquil courtyard of the Cottage Patio. This magically illuminated and intimate space makes gathering easy.

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Meeting Room

A meeting room like no other, this space meets all of your event needs in a cozy indoor location perfect for a celebratory luncheon or a company cocktail party.

Filoli StrokeLine
10.23.2020 Ballroom


Capacity: 120 seated at rounds, 145 theater, or 200 standing
Evening only

Kurt Boomer Photography

House Courtyard

Capacity: 220 seated at rounds, 300 standing
Evening only

Tara Pynn-Arrowood Photography

Pool Lawn

Capacity: 120 seated at rounds, 145 theater, or 200 standing
Evening only


Pool Pavilion Lawn

Capacity: 50 seated, 80 standing
Daytime only

Anee Atelier

Sunken Garden

Capacity: 80 seated, 120 standing
Evening only

Garden House Venue

Garden House Lawn

Capacity: 24-30 seated, 50 standing inside the Garden House; up to 150 on the adjoining lawn


Meeting Room

Capacity: 150 seated or standing

11.06.2019 DRT Red Oak

Dining Room Terrace

Capacity: 50 seated, 80 standing
Evening only

San Francisco Bay Area WIPA Chapter Meeting. Please credit Hugo Film Co. at or on Instagram at @hugofilmco

North Terrace

Capacity: 150 seated, 200 standing

Gdg@22 54

South Terrace

Capacity: 100 seated, 150 standing

OliviaRichardsPhotography 76 North West Terrace

West Lawn

Capacity: 250 seated, 400 standing

Filoli Gala 2023 Resize Bartee

Bowling Green

Capacity: 300 seated, 400 standing
Evening only

888 Will&Shree Kb

Woodland Court

Capacity: 500 seated, 800 standing

Looking At The North Terrace (1)


Capacity: 1,000 +

Filoli Reds Barn Wedding Grove Bartee

Redwood Grove

Capacity: 150 seated, 200 standing

Filoli North Terrace Bartee

Ballroom Terrace

Capacity: 150 seated, 200 standing

23 0207 X1DII 0062 Mike James

Cottage Patio

Capacity: 25 seated, 40 standing

Vegetabl Garden Opeing 2022 5245

Vegetable Garden

Capacity: 30 seated, 50 standing

Proceeds from Facility Rentals support Filoli’s mission, from the care of the historic House, magnificent Gardens, and vast Nature Preserve, to the events and programs that will keep Filoli culturally relevant for the next 100 years. Thank you!