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Our Mission

To connect our rich history with a vibrant future through beauty, nature and shared stories.

Our Vision

We envision a time when all people honor nature, value unique experiences and appreciate beauty in everyday life.

“I feel I see dear old Filoli going up inch by inch . . . I realize more and more, as I look for things to go in it what a huge place it is . . .”
– Agnes Bourn to Willis Polk
June 29, 1916, London

Mr. Bourn arrived at the unusual name “Filoli” by combining the first two letters from the key words of his credo:

Fight for a just cause.
Love your fellow man.
Live a good life.

More Information

More Information

Historic Status Recognition:

National Register of Historic Places, Designation Number 75000479

California State Historic Landmark, Designation Number 907

AAM Pledge of Excellence

Filoli has taken the American Alliance of Museums’ Pledge of Excellence