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Photoshoot with Northern California Hanfu Association for 2023 Celebrating Chinese Floralia program.

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The Hidden World of Filoli’s Decomposers

February 2, 2024 Comments Off on The Hidden World of Filoli’s Decomposers

Get up close and personal with these photos of the coolest fungi and insects that live on Filoli’s Natural Lands! In January, Filoli launched a new Citizen Science project as…

Rose Tour

During summer, more than 500 rose bushes, representing 150 different varieties, burst into bloom at Filoli. Find Horticulturist Rob Joice on this virtual tour as he shows us some tips and tricks for rose care, and teaches us about a few varieties you can find on your next visit.

Plants for an Auspicious New Year!

Learn about Filoli’s winter orchid and citrus display and the significance of flowers and fruit for the Lunar New Year.

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