Lost Treasures

Re-Collecting for the House

Filoli’s collection today still includes both original Bourn and Roth family pieces, but we’re always on the look-out for ways to bring the House closer to how it felt when it was a family home. 

When the Bourns moved into Filoli in 1917, they furnished it with souvenirs from their world travels and English and Irish antiques. The Roth family purchased Filoli fully furnished in 1936, as a second home, and added their own personal touches over the years.

Carefully studying historic photos, auction catalogs, and the 1936 House inventory, our team has identified a number of pieces that would restore missing elements of our collection. They reflect the original aesthetic of the House, heavily influenced by Agnes Bourn, and showcase themes of gardens, nature, women, and beauty.

If you have an item like those listed here that you would like to donate, or if you know where Filoli might procure similar pieces, please let us know. Your support helps tell the story of this historic property and continues our mission of connecting our rich history with a vibrant future. 


Kevin Wisney
Director of Museum Collections
650-364-8300 ext 219

“For Will and me, Filoli is quite perfect. It progresses little by little, but it takes time to develop a place if it is to have charm and individuality.”

Agnes Bourn, 1924

Paintings by Mary Curtis Richardson

The Bourns were patrons of this groundbreaking California Impressionist, known as the “Mary Cassatt of the West.”

California Artists

Agnes and William filled Filoli's walls with works by the most prominent California artists of the early 1900s.

Set of Dining Chairs

Twelve impressive, tall-back chairs originally surrounded the Dining Room table.

Bronze Sculptures

The Bourns displayed small bronzes throughout the House.

Library Globe

For world travelers like the Bourns and Roths, no library would be complete without a globe.

Ballroom Fireplace Andirons

When the Ballroom was completed in the 1920s, the lavish fireplace featured a pair of spectacular griffin andirons.


Every room in the House originally featured a clock on the fireplace mantel. The Bourns sometimes even placed additional table-top clocks nearby.

Silver Plate

Do you have any old silver or silver plate taking up space? We would love to have it. 

Vintage Kitchen Items

We are looking for things like pots, pans, or even baking supplies like sifters or wisks.

Upholstered Furniture

These are some historic images and show the type of pieces I am looking for.

Original Bourn Library Books

Filoli is always seeking the return of books that were originally in the Bourn Library. They can be identified by the Bourn bookplate, pictured.

“How glad we will be to get really settled in a home in the country and get our household goods around us.”

William Bourn, 1917

For donations to Filoli's collection, please contact:

Kevin Wisney
Director of Museum Collections
650-364-8300 ext 219

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