Redwood City Pulse: How to grow a bountiful veggie garden like the Filoli estate

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Excerpt: As the local, seasonal and organic food movement continues to grow in the Bay Area and worldwide, the Filoli historic estate in Woodside is digging into the site’s history and horticulture to share a long-time love for vegetable growing. Since Filoli became a public garden in 1975, the historic Vegetable Garden has remained a hidden sliver of the garden. Concealed by a large hedge on the east side of the rose garden, the space had been quietly cared for by staff as a cooperative vegetable garden. Following a significant renovation funded by private donations and funding from C. Preston Butcher in honor of Carolyn Fulgham Butcher, Filoli’s Vegetable Garden reopened in summer 2022 and is now a year-round celebration of abundance for all to enjoy. This column is intended to help garden enthusiasts plant and grow vegetables in their own backyards that are as bountiful as those at Filoli.

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