Nichi Bei: Filoli estate’s ties to the Japanese American experience

DSF1829 Filoli Sunken Garden 2 300x200

Photo by Scott Nakajima Photography

Excerpt: The Filoli Historic House and Garden is beautiful year-round, but spring — with its flowering cherry blossoms, wisterias, peonies and azaleas — attracts the most visitors each year.

The estate in the San Mateo County town of Woodside, Calif., a Georgian-style house with an attached garden covering 16 acres of the 654-acre property, has a number of ties to Japanese Americans throughout its century-long history. Willa Brock, interpretation manager at Filoli, said the estate, built in 1917 and donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1975, had several intersections with Japanese Americans, primarily through its years under the ownership of the Roth family.

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