AAM Center for the Future of Museums Blog: Museums and the Living Wage: How Filoli Developed a Bold Pay Equity Initiative

Filoli horticulturists Jia Nocon, Gillian Johnson, and Leslie Freitas working in the Walled Garden.

Excerpt: Each year CFM’s TrendsWatch brings attention to bear on critical issues for museums, challenging our sector to think about how we might adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Examining a future in which museums may create healthier metrics of success, this year’s report asks, “What if paying a living wage became the norm for American nonprofits (perhaps even a metric of excellence valued by donors and funders)?” In today’s guest post, Kara Newport, CEO of the historic house and garden Filoli, tells us how her organization is already meeting that potential future head-on.

—Elizabeth Merritt, VP Strategic Foresight and Founding Director, Center for the Future of Museums, American Alliance of Museums

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