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Kristine Mays: Rich Soil

Categories: Exhibits

An Exhibition in Filoli’s Historic Garden

May 28 – November 9, 2020

The dynamic beauty of Filoli’s garden will set the scene for the sculpture exhibition: Rich Soil. To complement the outdoor exhibition, Filoli will feature music, dance, theater, and storytelling all season long.
Kristine Mays creates life-size wire sculptures that reveal the human form. Sculpted from thousands of pieces of wire hooked and looped together, each garment embodies a fleeting gesture or expression. Inspired by the movement of Alvin Ailey’s dance composition “Revelation”, this body of work pays honor to the ancestors — those that walked, lived on, and tended to this land — to the lives that have been recognized and those that have been “forgotten”. To have a revelation is to stumble upon a previously unknown fact in a dramatic and surprising way. These forms will dance through Filoli’s flower beds and around majestic oaks, delivering a message of strength while challenging how we view ourselves and others.

My hope is that the figures will spring forth like spirits rising from the soil, to be recognized, revered and embraced. May they push through while at the same time mingling and dancing among the flowers. Both plants and human beings come and go — reverberating within the cycles of life. This seemed like a beautiful idea to explore within the grounds of Filoli Gardens. – Kristine Mays