Kristine Mays: Rich Soil

Categories: Exhibits

An Exhibition in Filoli’s Historic Garden

Through November 9, 2020

The dynamic beauty of Filoli’s garden will set the scene for the sculpture exhibition: Rich Soil.

Kristine Mays creates life-size wire sculptures that reveal the human form. Sculpted from thousands of pieces of wire hooked and looped together, each garment embodies a fleeting gesture or expression.

Inspired by the movement of Alvin Ailey’s dance composition “Revelation”, Rich Soil pays honor to the ancestors- those that walked, lived on, and tended to this land- to the lives that have been recognized and those that have been “forgotten”. These forms deliver a message of strength while challenging how we view ourselves and others.

Within the confines of hard metal wire is a sense of resilience and perseverance – a need to push forward and thrive. The work also speaks to identity – the question of who we are and what we can do with our lives, the impact our lives have on the world.

Rich Soil Catalog