Yoko Kubrick sculpture exhibit ‘Ovid’s Metamorphosis’ opens at Filoli

Filoli Artist Yoko Kubrick Shell Abstraction


Woodside, CA, June 1, 2023– Today, Filoli opens Ovid’s Metamorphosis, an exhibition of new works by Yoko Kubrick. On view throughout the historic House and Garden, Kubrick’s works infuse classic heroines with her own language of form and nature through abstract marble sculpture. “My art is a celebration of the natural world, blending the beauty of flowers, curves, and landscapes with tales from classical and comparative mythology,” Says Kubrick. “Through my work, I explore the collective unconscious, revealing the universal imagery that is shared across cultures and time.”

Ovid’s Metamorphosis showcases a collection of abstract marble sculptures, exploring feminine archetypes from Ovid’s self-titled epic. Kubrick’s sculptures are a contemporary retelling of classic heroines such as Galatea, Artemis, and Echo, melding myth with the language of abstraction. The exhibition is a tribute to the transformational power of feminine energy and the enduring influence of mythology on our understanding of the world.

Kubrick’s sculptures are placed throughout the formal Garden and in the Historic House. Dramatic views of the Santa Cruz mountains frame some pieces, enhancing the depth and emotion in the story of each heroine. Other locations– like Filoli’s serene Woodland Garden where muse of epic poetry ‘Kalliope’ resides– inspire a creative moment for visitors. “Yoko’s work is both awe-inspiring and intimate, and in this way mirrors Filoli’s Gardens perfectly,” says Director of Learning & Engagement Erika Frank. “We are so pleased to host Ovid’s Metamorphosis for its first launch and have been delighted to watch visitors engage with the sculptures.”

Born into a multicultural heritage and influenced by her upbringing in Czechoslovakia, Guam, and Hawaii, Yoko Kubrick draws inspiration from the confluence of nature, mythology, and universal beauty. Her work unites people and cultures, serving as a timeless thread woven through the tapestry of human history.

By working with distinguished materials like marble and bronze, Kubrick crafts sculptures that invite viewers to explore the allure of certain forms and the human perception of beauty. She synthesizes her love for the curve with her respect for the line, resulting in artworks that embody the Aesthetic Consciousness Movement.

Over her 20-year artistic journey, Kubrick has been influenced by traditional atelier apprenticeships, mentorship from professional sculptors, and studies at the Accademia di Belle Arte in Carrara. Today, she operates from her studio in Pietrasanta, Italy, where she collaborates with artisans who have mastered the techniques and traditions of sculpting. Here, she combines their knowledge with her unique artistic vision to create works that exude luxury and timeless elegance.

Inspired by the global perspective on public sculpture, Kubrick envisions a world where art seamlessly integrates into daily life, shaping spaces that inspire and elevate individuals and communities. She is also a passionate advocate for women artists, aspiring to motivate future generations through her work.

Her future plans include creating monumental public works and collaborating with landscape architects, propelling her artistic vision forward. This exhibition at Filoli marks a significant milestone in her ongoing exploration of sculpture’s role in public spaces. Sculptures in the House and Garden are on view for all Filoli visitors now through November 6, 2023.

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About Yoko Kubrick
Yoko Kubrick is a Japanese-American artist and sculptor based in California, creating abstract sculptures influenced by nature’s forms and tales from classical and comparative mythology. With over 20 years dedicated to her craft, Kubrick’s artistic journey has been shaped by traditional atelier apprenticeships, mentorship from professional sculptors, and studies at the Accademia di Belle Arte in Carrara. Kubrick’s exploration of the role of sculpture in public spaces continues to evolve, and she looks forward to future collaborations with public gardens and spaces.

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