The Drunks’ Dinner

Welcoming Toast by Ida Bourn, Toastmaster Sister to William Bourn

Let us stand by our glasses and drink down a toast,

To that merry old soul, who in truth, is our host,

He’s not with us in person, I want to speak true,

He’s too bashful to drink with so boisterous a crew.

To his gay, giddy sisters he’s given the task,

To see that you drain every drop from each flask.

There’er casks in the cellar, dust-covered and old,

And husky young footmen to refill your bowl.

Now Woods is at hand to replenish the wine,

And to see every want is fulfilled as you dine.

While out in the kitchen good Alma is there,

And her ovens give out sweet smells to the air.

So you handsome old gallants who sit in a row,

What other fine blessings could Fortune bestow?

You’ve wine and fine victuals now at your command,

And a dazzling young lassie upon either hand.