Bringing the Garden Indoors

Bringing the Garden Indoors

January 13 - November 6, 2023

Filoli StrokeLine

As you explore the House accented with colorful plants and flowers, experience in their own words how Filoli’s past residents brought the garden indoors through floral abundance and botanical decor. Don’t miss the daily turning of the page of the Highgrove florilegium at 11am at the Grand Staircase! 

Historic photographs reveal how the Bourn and Roth families filled the House with cut flowers from the Garden and lush houseplants. Today, Filoli's horticulture team continues the tradition with fresh floral arrangements.

Soundscapes bring the House alive and surround you in the gentle noises of the Garden.

Agnes and William Bourn grew up during the Victorian era, when it was popular to send coded messages in the "language of flowers." Try creating your own message with a bouquet of silk flowers in the Ballroom!

Cap off your visit by attending one of Filoli's free, 15-minute talks, offered every day at 12pm and 2pm. No reservations needed! Topics vary by day and season, but may include:

Bringing the Garden Indoors 
Learn about how the Bourn and Roth families blurred the lines between indoors and outdoors through the House’s architecture, decorative mezzotint prints, and floral arrangements.
Inside Out
Did you know that Filoli’s formal Garden was created as a series of “rooms,” each with a different purpose? We’re flipping the floorplan - walk the outside rooms with staff and learn how the Garden’s design relates to the interior spaces.
Bulbs at Filoli
Learn about the history of bulb planting at Filoli, and pick up some tips for your own garden!