Spring Kickoff

Welcome Spring!

Embrace the spirit of spring on this kickoff weekend with a blend of cherished traditions and modern fun.

March 2

The Northern California Hanfu Association fills the Garden with pop-up performances in celebration of Chinese Floralia– a festival honoring the goddess of flowers. Relish in the beauty of historical Hanfu fashion and traditional Chinese music among the blooms from 11am-4pm.

The Northern California Hanfu Association is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Chinese culture.  They bring the elegant cultural heritage from their ancestors to the multicultural community in the Bay area.

Photo by Paul at Photo One Studio

March 3

The Bay Area J- Fashion community is invited to don spring-inspired couture and frolic among the flowers for the picture perfect shot.

Enjoy croquet and bocce ball on the lawn, visit J-Fashion vendors, and strike a pose at fabulous photo spots throughout the Garden.Learn about Japanese fashion, or “J-fashion”, with our partners at Bay Area Kai. This collection of alternative fashion styles that began in the 1990s in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan. Fans from all over the world design, collect, and wear this eye-catching and elaborate fashion including gothic lolita, decora and gyaru.

Photo by @estherlxd on Instagram

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