Scavenger Hunt

Can You Find the Magic?

As you wander through the Filoli House during Holidays at Filoli, keep your eye out for holiday traditions, unique ornaments, and other festive winter decor. Find the Garden aglow and see the trail of lights! Follow along and see how many you can find – some are easier than others!

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Keep your eye out as you explore the House for statues of Toto, one of the Bourn family’s dogs that used to live at Filoli many years ago! How many Totos can you find today?

Where could these vintage Christmas lights be stored? They probably look a bit different than your lights at home do today!

Discover decorations from many different winter holiday traditions in the Ballroom! See if you can find these dreidels that kids play with during Hanukkah to win chocolate coins (gelt).

Tweet tweet! There’s a bird in that tree!

Can you spot Frosty the Snowman on the 1960s Zenith television? Looks like some kids may have been playing a game in front of the TV…

These mid-century modern glasses are decorated with snowflakes – the perfect pairing with a cocktail at a 1960s holiday party!

Flip through some classic holiday books in the Library. Don’t forget to add your favorite to Filoli’s guest book!

Lucky children have some presents under the tree! What are you hoping for this winter?

What’s more perfect for decoration at a New Year’s party than a disco ball fireplace! Stick around in the Dining Room long enough and you can join the countdown.

This electric callboard in the Butler’s Pantry still bears the names of the Roth family and their rooms. When a family member pressed a button, a bell rang and the board lit up. The staff would use the dumbwaiter in the corner to send food and supplies up to the second floor.

Jell-O was a popular holiday dessert in the 1940s. Can you find a box of it in the pantry?

Look up to spot a garland full of vegetables!

In the Garden

This 210-foot-long light tunnel is the perfect place to take a family photo!

The long branches of these rare Camperdown elms are interwoven with twinkly lights. Original to the Garden, they escaped the Dutch elm disease that affected much of the population in the mid-20th century.

Ho, ho, ho! This golden throne is reserved for the big man himself on Santa Days, but you can take a photo when he’s not visiting Filoli from the North Pole.

Check out the eye-catching lights in the Dutch Garden! During spring, tulips bring their own color to this part of the Walled Garden.

The Bourns loved the carved wooden door from their San Francisco home so much that they brought it with them to Filoli! As you leave the garden, notice how the view back into Sunken Garden looks a little different today than it did in this historic photo.