Scavenger Hunt

Where is the Love?

As you wander through the Filoli House this Valentine’s Day weekend, keep your eye out for romantic flowers, lovers, and cupids! Follow along and see how many you can find – some are easier than others!

As you get close to the front door of the House, breathe in deeply. Can you spot the daphne flowers - the source of that sweet smell? 

A traditional gift for Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of flowers, but there is something different about this one…

You’ll have to peek into the glass-fronted cabinets to find these tiny, doe-eyed lovers.

Peacocks are a symbol of beauty, love, and passion. Can you find this one, surrounded by his other bird friends?

Filoli is the perfect place for a wedding! Look up to see the spot where Berenice Roth threw her bouquet of waterlilies over the stair railing. 

Looks like someone has popped the bubbly for an early Valentine’s Day celebration! Which room do you think is the most romantic in the Filoli House?

Can you spot these two young women giggling over a love letter?

Find the wallpaper that features pink peony flowers, which can symbolize romance and beauty.

This warbler bird perched among cherry blossoms has a mate elsewhere in the cabinet - can you find it?

Maud Bourn, the daughter of the first owners of Filoli, fell in love with her eventual husband, Arthur Vincent, while onboard a ship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Look for his charcoal portrait next to Maud’s matching one!

Can you find the statue of Chang’e, the Chinese goddess of the moon? One version of her story says that, when she became immortal and rose into the sky, her husband Houyi missed her and left out her favorite fruits and cakes as offerings.

Peekaboo! These lovers are sweetly playing in a garden. Look closely to see if you can spot the man’s tiny portrait of his lady love!

Tiny cupids decorate the fancy dessert porcelain set in the Dining Room – the perfect china to serve a Valentine’s Day treat on!

And, in fact, some jello desserts are being prepped already…

This Valentine’s Day, we’re all looking for love that’s as sweet as sugar… which you’ll find in the Pastry Room!

As you leave the House, find the last item on our Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt: this basket of flowers on the Chinese coromandel screen. Then head out for more romance in the Garden, as daffodils, magnolias, and camellias join in with pink hues and sweet scents!