Haiku Contest Winners

We are thrilled to announce the four winners of the 2022 Haiku Contest! Each of the following poems was selected by judge and San Mateo Poet Laureate Aileen Cassinetto from among over 800 individual haiku poems submitted this year.

Filoli StrokeLine

First Place

Hummingbird on nest.

She sits with patience and care.

The garden holds her.

-Candice Ward

Second Place


weighed down by froth

of too much joy

-Jenna Le

Best Under 18

I'm born as a seed

The wind carries my future

A new life begins 

-Katherine Kelly

Ecopoetry Award







A drop of water 

makes a ripple, and it ends 

up as flowers and fruits

-Kumiko Nishikawa



Dewdrop, raindrop, pool—
in spring sun, water renews.
All drink from this cup.

-Heather Kinser


Dancing like petals,
the boy and butterfly played
games of garden tag

-Aaron Huang


The garden teaches
that each plant and person must
bloom at her own time

-Frances Freyberg


Soft petals in sun
So delicately glinting
Fragile roots of earth

-Cassandra Bousquet


A hawk circles high
Above the clock tower; red
Tulips face the sky.

-Rose Anna Higashi


the sweet morning rain
falls against the hibiscus.
the colors explode.

-Chloe Chou


We invite you to come visit Filoli during the month of May and experience these evocative poems as they are displayed in the lush spring Garden that inspired them!


Filoli StrokeLine

First Place: Filoli Household Plus Membership and Gift Basket

Second Place: Filoli Individual Plus Membership

Best Under 18: Filoli Household Membership

Filoli Ecopoetry Award: Filoli Household Membership 

All ten semifinalists will have their poem printed and displayed throughout the garden during the month of May.

Poems submitted will be used by Filoli for promotional materials, and the winning poems may be published on our social media and marketing channels

AAPI Month

During the month of May, Filoli honors Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage. Explore highlights from our bonsai collection and submit your best haikus inspired by Filoli’s spring Garden to our annual contest.