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Welcome to the Winter at Filoli Haiku Contest

Haiku poets and those new to the haiku form are invited to submit up to three original poems that reflect the beauty of Filoli’s Garden in winter. Entries should be submitted by February 15, 2020, at 12:00 pm. The finalists will be announced on February 19 and invited to a special event at Filoli on March 1, where the winners will be announced.


Judging the contest will be San Mateo County Poet Laureate, Aileen Cassinetto. Winners will have the opportunity to read their haikus at the event. Prizes for First, Second and Best under 18 under years old will include free Filoli membership for the year and more.

    • Betty Arnold
      • Filoli’s winter
      • greeting— an opulence of
      • yellow daffodils
    • Amy Fearn
      • one maple leaf left
      • her bare naked bones shine through
      • may she fall gently
    • Frances Freyberg Blackburn
      • The winter garden’s
      • Fallen leaves are pushed aside
      • Daffodils burst forth
    • Garry Gay – Winner!
      • daffodil garden
      • a path into the sunshine
      • with a bumblebee
    • Christine Herbstritt
      • Hope is in the air
      • Dandelions in December
      • Wishes underfoot
    • Gabby Nemchik
      • Fruitful olive trees
      • Always producing new life
      • Ready for the brine
    • Maynell Palmer
      • Little hummingbird
      • Bare branches in winter sun
      • Come to visit us
    • Linda Papanicolaou – Runner-Up
      • the calligraphy
      • of leafless vines on brick walls—
      • a gate stands open
    • Karla Sanders
      • filoli winter
      • fight, love, live, then reflect, rest-
      • dormant, then repeat
    • Mary Yee – Persimmons
      • Against a blue sky
      • A feast of fiery orange
      • Oh, fortunate birds
Under 18
    • Blythe Bauer – Best under 18 Winner
      • deep scarlet flowers
      • blooming brisk in the gardens
      • and sweet crisp air
    • Levi Graves
      • Oak branches drooping
      • Ivy crawling down the wall
      • Everything is still
    • Eli Schlager
      • Short and dense hedges.
      • Faded red, perfectly trimmed.
      • Run around the path.