Future Vision

Connecting Our Rich History with a Vibrant Future

Filoli StrokeLine

In 2022, Filoli completed a Comprehensive Landscape Plan to identify needs and potential uses of the historic property.  The Comprehensive Plan is a requirement of the National Trust for Historic Preservation as part of the cooperative agreement with Filoli.  For this plan, Filoli partnered with the Team of Nelson Byrd Woltz, a leading landscape architecture firm, and Architectural Resources Group.  Filoli also completed a Cultural Landscape Report, Natural Resources Management Plan, and Historic Structures Report to guide the development of the Comprehensive Landscape Plan.

As stewards, Filoli is committed to preserving the House and Garden, as a showcase of beauty and history.  The opportunity for the expanded experience takes our guests through revitalized heritage agriculture and into untouched native California ecosystem will provide unprecedented access to new spaces and trails and share new stories of the history and lands.

Over the next several years, Filoli will be identifying and prioritizing projects from the Comprehensive Landscape Plan.  Community support is critical to the success of these future plans.