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What’s Blooming

by Jim Salyards

Head of Horticulture & Internship Program Coordinator

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Week of December 11 – December 23, 2017

Frosty mornings mean lawns a hoary cloak of white, contrasted by the beautiful yellow of the autumnal ginkgo.
The Knot Garden is also highlighted by the morning frost as well.
Many lovely camellias are blooming around the garden, including the soft pink ‘Shin-Akebono’.

With orange lanterns hanging in the branches, the ‘Hachiya’ persimmon is spectacular in late fall.
Although it is still technically fall, some of the early Narcissus have begun blooming, including the extremely early ‘Soleil d’Or’.
Percy the peacock’s tail feathers are slowly elongating for his spring glory. These days, he can mostly be found soaking in the sun to keep warm.
For those attending Holidays at Filoli in the afternoon or early evening, be sure to catch the yellow mums paired with the glorious ginkgo.

Holidays at Filoli

Holidays at Filoli is underway!  Come see the house decorated like it’s never been before with rooms representing the different eras of the Bourn, Roth and National Trust eras.  There is shopping available with vendors, Filoli products, and a spectacular selection of holiday gifts.  And don’t miss the garden during the day when you can see the stunning fall colors, as well as see the transformation into what will become the spring 2018 display.  And, the big don’t miss, are the gorgeous lights surrounding the house and in the Sunken and Walled Garden.  There is no better way to share the holidays with your family and friends!

Fall into Spring Garden Display:

We are well into our spring 2018 display planting. Many of the beds have been planted including the Sunken
with over 4000 ‘Dordogne’ tulips, the Dining Room Terrace “Lily-Flowered Mix”, and pink hyacinth mix in the
Bell Beds. We’ll be repeating the mix of tulips in the Dutch Garden again, and an enhanced River of Tulips in
the Perennial Border.

Plant Highlights

Lots of fall color around the garden!  Trees and shrubs are turning shades of yellow and orange.  It should continue to get better into early December.

The Rose Garden just continues to bloom and bloom this year.  In the past it has seemed there were lulls between peaks in bloom, but the past two years, they haven’t seemed to stop blooming.  Be sure to wander all the beds and find your favorite colored and/or scented rose.

There is still some color in the cutting garden, including dahlias, zinnias and Mexican sunflower.

This has been an epic hydrangea year.  The bed in the southeast corner of the Sunken Garden area has flowers well over nine feet tall.  In the northwest Panel Garden bed, they are blooming in hues of blue, purple, pink and red.  And everyone loves the rich blues and purples in the Walled Garden shop beds.  And as we head into fall, there are still new blooms coming, but most of the flowers are fading, or becoming rich blends of pinks and purples and blues and greens.

Lots of fall containers have been placed around the garden.  Pansies can be found in many locations, while chrysanthemum pots adorn the Main Courtyard and Sunken Garden Pool corners.

Filoli has one of the largest collections of ivy in the world.  In the tradition of many historic English gardens, ivy was a component chosen for the walls in many places, particularly along the Bowling Green.  In the late 90s, Filoli received an enormous collection from Dr. Cliff Coon, an avid ivy collector and breeder.  Many of the varieties are represented on the fence line that wraps around the south and west side of the garden.  In addition, a collection of adult ivies, which are more shrub like in form, grows to the west of the High Place.  This peaceful corner of the garden is a lovely spot to sit and read a book.


Fall planting
2017 daffodils planted in Panel Garden Daffodil Meadow

Bloomin’ Bucks Program

Whenever visitors, volunteers or anyone else asks about where Filoli purchases our bulbs, after telling them that the bulk of our bulbs are purchased wholesale from the Netherlands, I tell them the best retail vendor in the US that I know is Brent and Becky’s Bulbs.

As part of the company’s commitment to public gardens, schools and other non-profits, Brent and Becky established the Bloomin’ Bucks program.  With each purchase from Brent and Becky’s through the program, the designated non-profit receives 25% of the funds.  Filoli is a participant in this program.  So, if you’re planning to order bulbs this year, and like Brent and Becky’s products, please go to the Bloomin’ Bucks page (www.bloominbucks.com) to start your purchase by choosing Filoli as your non-profit of choice.  From there, you will be sent to the regular Brent and Becky’s Bulbs website to start your shopping.