Clock Tower Shop

The Clock Tower Shop, located in the Service Courtyard under the beautiful clock tower, is filled with cheerful seasonal and Filoli–inspired merchandise, clothing, gifts, and furniture throughout the year, as well as variety of pots, plants, garden décor and accessories. Our nursery is bursting with seasonal flowers, plants, and veggies to get your garden started! We sell plants both grown in our greenhouses, and from growers approved by our horticulture team so you can be sure to bring the best of Filoli home.

Admission to Filoli is necessary to visit the Clock Tower Shop

Visit the garden and get inspired


Museum Store Association

The Clock Tower Shop is the proud winner of the 2018 MSA Recognition Award for Visual Merchandising.


MSA is a community of and a resource to non-profit retailers with the dual mission to be profitable and act as a brand ambassador for their institutions.