The Spirit of Orchids

January 4 – February 24, 2020

Built as a country estate in 1915, Filoli is recognized internationally for its horticultural excellence. During Filoli’s 2020 Winter Season, orchids will be the feature of lush floral displays and living arrangements, and unique species plants and cultivars will fill the Historic House and Greenhouse.

To complement the horticultural displays and floral arrangements in Filoli’s grand mansion, artist Ming Lee will capture The Spirit of Orchids through an exhibition of Chinese brush paintings in the Visitor Center.

Ming Lee’s passion for art started early in her childhood. She also loves flowers and plants in their pure forms. With Chinese Painting, she can translate her devotion into an art form that captures the spirit of nature’s beauty in a few simple and free strokes.

Ming graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. During college, she studied Chinese Painting under the tutelage of master professor Ko Mei Lee. Ming has been teaching brush painting for 22 years and she currently teaches at Filoli.

Chinese Brush Painting
Traditional Chinese Painting involves techniques similar to calligraphy. Brush strokes must be free and confident. Once the brush touches the rice paper, there can be no hesitation and corrections can’t be made. The artist starts by layering a few colors of paint on the brush and then uses a slanted stroke to paint a flower petal or a leaf. With those strokes, the paint and rice paper combine to render a sense of harmony.