Internship Program: Share Your Story

Since 1977, hundreds of interns and apprentices have trained at Filoli and become leaders in their professions. Former Filoli Interns hail from 33 states and 25 countries and now own businesses, work in the world’s most famous gardens, historic estates, and state parks, and are experts in landscape design, landscape maintenance, floral design, propagation and education.

By sharing your story, you help build the case for Filoli’s Internship Program and support emerging leaders in the public garden, museum and nonprofit professions. Thank you!


Filoli Internship Program: Share Your Story

Please note: Your story may be featured in Filoli materials, including but not limited to the Filoli website, marketing collateral and fundraising campaigns. Please contact us at with any questions.
  • In which years were you a Filoli intern/apprentice?
  • How did Filoli’s Internship Program impact your career? How are you applying the knowledge, skills and experience you gained in your current work?
  • Where do you work and what is your position? If not currently employed, please indicate if you are pursuing an advanced degree, participating in a certificate program or list your previous place(s) of employment.
  • Do you have any questions about the Internship Program? Is there anything else we should know about your internship experience or career? Please use this space to share any additional comments.