Internship Program

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As a Garden Intern at Filoli, I was privileged to be accepted into a program that's unique to the horticultural world in its multifaceted and rigorous approach to training. The program helped instill in me the botanical and applied knowledge that's required in world-class gardens and provided me with the building blocks required for success and flourishing in the field. Now as a full-time employee at Filoli, I can confidently say that my internship was the catalyst that gave me the confidence and optimism to pursue a career in horticulture. - Rob Joice, 2017 Intern & Assistant Horticulturist

Filoli’s Internship Program

Since 1977, Filoli has trained 400 interns who have become leaders in the fields of horticulture, landscape preservation, landscape architecture and public garden management. Over the course of ten weeks, interns receive hands-on, skills-based training and participate in workshops that provide key knowledge important for their future success. Through support from the Woodside-Atherton Garden Club, Hillsborough Garden Club, Atherton Garden Guild and Filoli volunteers, our garden internships have become an essential training ground for those beginning their careers.

Inspired by our former interns’ success, a significant bequest from Mrs. Lurline Roth Coonan and our new Strategic Plan, we are expanding the Internship Program to offer learning opportunities in more disciplines such as Museum Collections Management and Curation, Education, Interpretation and Marketing. Along with four Garden Interns, three additional summer interns from Santa Clara University are assisting staff with mission-driven activities including blueprint digitization, research for the Sally MacBride Nature Center and amplifying Filoli’s voice and presence online and in the community.

Suzanne Legallet, a longtime Filoli member and volunteer, is incredibly committed to the Internship Program. She has been an advocate, supporter and generously provides housing for some of our interns.

“For over 22 years (and more than 40 interns) I have had the pleasure of supporting students and seeing them develop their interest and passion for horticulture, practice hands-on gardening skills and be inspired to stay in the field. Our highly regarded program helps to ensure that we have educated and dedicated horticulturists to work in America’s public gardens, parks, plant propagation, sales, education and landscape management. More intern opportunities at Filoli will be beneficial to many who want to work in historic preservation, education and horticulture.”

Suzanne has pledged a generous initial contribution to be matched by former interns in support of the growing program. With your help, we can inspire and train the next generation of museum, public garden and nonprofit leaders.

Will you join us?


Former Intern Testimonials

“Filoli provided me with a unique set of horticultural and historical property management skills that continue to support my career today. I’m able to understand a broad set of concepts that continue to help my career path in guest services. I also developed great professional relationships with the staff that I maintain to this day. The experience and support that I had at Filoli has undoubtedly contributed to my success.”

Erin Hepfner, 2009 Intern
Director of Guest Services, Holden Forests & Gardens

“I was one of the first interns turned apprentice. I learned professionalism, passion and dedication. Attention to detail at Filoli is hugely important and I’ve carried that over to my career as Conservatory Manager at Longwood Gardens. Now I get to work alongside students from around the globe to expose them to all the aspects of the horticultural field in hopes they become as passionate as I am! Filoli left a lasting impression on me and I hope that I can do that for others as well.”

Karl Gercens, 1997 Intern
Conservatory Manager, Longwood Gardens