Upcoming Events

Enjoy an unforgettable experience year-round at Filoli Historic House and Garden! We invite you to experience the amazing events that we feature for the Summer season. The Garden is bursting with a beautiful palette of flowers, and we invite you to discover its fragrance through specialty tours and hikes. Summer at Filoli features an outstanding sculpture exhibition throughout the Estate: Rich Soil: Kristine Mays, which runs through November 9. The fall season will boast a harvest festival and an orchard day, where we will invite guests to learn more about the agrarian past of the estate. During the fall, we will also have Bluegrass at the Barn. Finally, there will be a magical display for the holidays, consolidating the success of the new format of Holidays at Filoli, now in its third edition.

We also regularly host rotating exhibits and afternoon teas. Why not take a class from an expert artist or gardener? There are many reasons to return to Filoli! So whether you are on vacation, exploring local landmarks, or looking for a place to relax, Filoli is the perfect place to make memories with family and friends. See the calendar below to learn more about what’s happening during your next visit.