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Entertainment Schedule

Friday, December 14Accordionist Lynn Ewing12:30pm
Lighthouse String Band5pm
Saturday, December 15Singalong Time with Noam Eisen11:30am & 12:45pm
Broadway Babies and Kids (BBK)1:30pm
Bella Sorella2:30pm
Woodside Village Band4:30pm
Red Thistle Dancers6pm
Sunday, December 16Light!12:30pm
After Eight Singers1:30pm
Friday, December 21Charged Particles12:30pm
Marsha Murphy & Friends5pm
Saturday, December 22Singalong Time with Noam Eisen11:30am & 12:45pm
Accordionist Lynn Ewing1:30pm
The San Francisco Balalaika Ensemble5pm
Sunday, December 23Charged Particles12:30pm
Charged Particles12:30pm

A selection of our wonderful performers

The Adorable As

The Red Thistle Dancers

Satsuki-Kai Poppy Chorus

Bayer Ballet Company

Accordionist Lynn Ewing