Filoli stands opposed to systemic and institutional racism.

Black Lives Matter.

Filoli’s meaning has never been more important than right now – Fight for a just cause⁠, Love your fellow man⁠, Live a good life.⁠  We are committed to examining our organization and addressing systemic racism, listening to our community, using our platform as a place to amplify voices, and supporting just causes.

Filoli is a place of healing and we want to offer a safe place for conversation, contemplation, and solace.  We are committed to enacting lasting change that becomes ingrained in the culture at Filoli.  Cultural organizations have long been led by and told the stories of white founders.  We acknowledge our participation in these industry-wide norms and vow to change our narratives to reflect the perspectives of those who may have been silenced, forgotten, and invisible in our history. We will speak their names and honor their stories. It is our responsibility to bear witness, respond, and use our platform to inform and incite change.

Strategic Plan

Filoli is accountable for immediate and lasting actions for change.

Current actions include:

  • Evaluating business practices to prioritize inclusivity 
  • Amplifying voices and telling untold stories, including those of historically marginalized groups 
  • Listening to and reflecting our community and creating opportunities for conversations
  • Participating in national dialog through our membership and partnership with Sites of Conscience and other progressive leaders
  • Partnering with the American Alliance of Museums on Facing Change, an initiative to diversify museum boards and staff that will directly result in increasing diversity of our board and staff
  • Creating a Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusivity Task Force to develop a board policy and action plan to diversify all areas of the organization, including inclusive and accessible programs
  • Developing a Cultural Landscape Plan and Interpretive Plan designed to tell the broader story of Filoli’s land and all of those who have lived here
  • Educating our staff, board and Filoli community through training on unconscious bias and inclusion 


From the National Trust for Historic Preservation 

The National Trust for Historic Preservation asserts without equivocation:

Black lives matter. Black History Matters
Historic Places of all types and periods should be places of truth-telling and inclusivity.
Historic preservation must actively advance justice and equity for all people.
Historic preservation organizations have an obligation to confront and address structural racism within our own institutions.
We have much to do at the National Trust and in the preservation movement to align our work with these facts, and we must do it- and we will do it- with a sense of urgency.

To learn about the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s African American Cultural Heritage Fund visit their website.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Statement on Confederate Monuments .