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Filoli is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

A Gift to the Community

In the 1970s Mrs. Roth, with the encouragement and support of her family, made the decision to leave Filoli and to move to a smaller home in Hillsborough. There was an offer to purchase Filoli; however, the prospective buyer would not agree to open the garden to the public and had little interest or commitment in its maintenance. This caused Mrs. Roth to change her mind and to explore other alternatives culminating in 1975 with the gift of the House and Garden to the National Trust for Historic Preservation along with an endowment to support the maintenance of the property.

At Mrs. Roth's request, a local board was formed to manage and promote the enhancement of the estate; Filoli Center, a non-profit corporation, was established in February 1976 with a board of directors and an executive director. Later, Mrs. Roth donated 528 acres of the original property to Filoli Center. In 1978, the volunteer organization known as the Friends of Filoli was established. The volunteers led tours of the property, raised funds for the support of the estate and provided other support.

Leaving Filoli was very difficult for Mrs. Roth and she continued to visit often, walking in the garden and visiting with the gardeners. With the permission of Filoli's board, Mrs. Roth celebrated her 90th birthday at Filoli with family and friends.

Lurline Berenice Roth died on September 5, 1985, two days after her 95th birthday. Upon her death, the original Bourn furnishings from Filoli that Mrs. Roth used in her Hillsborough home were returned to Filoli.

The Roth family continues to be involved in Filoli. The twins, Lurline and Berenice, were part of the Friends of Filoli as tour guides for many years and often returned to Filoli to speak to new volunteer trainees. In 2006, the Roth Family, in particular, Bill Roth, Jr. and his wife, Lurline and Berenice and their families, were the honored guests at the Filoli Flower Show, celebrating 30 years that the property has been enjoyed by so many visitors.