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Filoli is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Capello Paeonia 'sourvenir de Maxine'

Paeonia ‘Souvenir de Maxine’ by Carolyn Cappello, Filoli Florilegium Artist.©

Artists have always filled important roles as preservationists, allowing us a lasting record of landscape, architecture, people and cultural norms of their given times. Botanical artists in particular have contributed to our knowledge of the discovery and documentation of plant material from around the world with both scientific accuracy and artistry.

Botanical illustration dates back to “herbals”, apothecary’s guides, recorded as far back as 6th century A.D. Before photography was created in the 1850s, botanical art was the only method available for the scientific documentation of plants. In recent years this art form has undergone a resurgence to enter what many call the “Golden Age” of botanical art. Filoli Center is part of this resurgence with our Botanical Art Certificate Program, the undertaking of our own Filoli Florilegium and acquisition of other prominent florilegiums.

A florilegium is a “book of flowers.” It is commonly a group of botanical paintings depicting a particular collection. The collection may represent an exploration (Banks Florilegium), a garden (The Besler Florilegium) or perhaps a plant family (Redouté’s Les lilacées).

Filoli is fortunate to have three prominent florilegia; Banks’ Florilegium, Filoli Florilegium and Highgrove Florilegium. We welcome the opportunity to share these with you. Select pieces from each collection are displayed in the historic house throughout the open season.

Appointments are available for private viewing with our Collection Manager Julie DeVere. To make an appointment please contact Filoli’s Collection Manager by email to or by phone to (650) 364-8300, extension 205.

Additionally, Filoli is privileged to be affiliated with The Florilegium Society of Sheffield Botanical Gardens, Sheffield, England.